What You Need To Know About Using Polishing Machines To Grind Down Concrete Surface

What You Need To Know About Using Polishing Machines To Grind Down Concrete Surface

In recent years, concrete has become the ultimate flooring material. This is possible because of the recent advancement of polishing techniques and machines. It is now possible to grind down concrete surfaces. New and old surfaces are ground to a high gloss finish that does not need wax or epoxy coating. Most commercial facilities, offices, warehouse, and stores are opting for polished concrete as an alternative to granite, marble, linoleum, tile or epoxy flooring because polished concrete is durable and very easy to clean

Polishing basics

Concrete polishing is almost the same as sanding wood. Concrete flooring is ground down with machines that have diamond –segmented abrasives that look almost the same as sandpaper to the degree of smoothness and shine one desires as per concrete floors New York city. Just like when sanding wood, one gradually progresses from coarse grit to a finer grit abrasive to get the final glossy, smooth mirror-like finish.

Steps to take when polishing concrete

First, you need to know how hard or soft the concrete is. This determines the type of equipment to use. You need to test different types of sandpapers, diamond pads, or abrasives on the concrete so that you can use less abrasive tools and spend less time completing the task.

What You Need To Know About Using Polishing Machines To Grind Down Concrete Surface

If your surface has cracks or marks, you should repair it using concrete filler material or epoxy flooring. Once you have finished the repairs and they have dried, clean the surface.

Use household detergent and water to clean the surface. However, if it has stains, they need to be removed by using a stain remover such as hydrogen peroxide.

Choosing the right polishing machine

Polishing concrete requires specialized concrete grinding equipment. There are some polishing machines that look like industrial floor polishers with a base that has a rotating disc underneath and two handles for control. Other concrete grinders are handheld, and they look like angle grinders.

A machine for polishing concrete has a polishing disc and it uses diamond-tipped grinding discs. You can get this polishing machine from hardware and DIY stores that rent them out. However, if you are polishing a large area or several concrete surfaces, you can decide to buy one. Concrete sanders can be either for dry or wet polishing. The wet polishers are equipped with a water hose that provides water throughout the process of concrete grinding.

For the dry polishing equipment, you can attach a vacuum to it. The vacuum reduces the amount of dust produced.

Preparing yourself and the room for polishing concrete

Polishing concrete is messy. If you choose to do wet sanding, you get a liquid that is mixed with cement dust and water that becomes solid when it dries up. Thus, you need to cover your items with plastic coverings to protect them from all the spillage. The mixture of water and cement dust should not be left to dry out. When using the dry sanding method, you should wear protective clothing to protect yourself from all the dust. It is also critical to wear other protective gear such as goggles and dust masks. You should also wear good footwear that is firm to the grip to avoid slipping.

Polishing concrete requires the use of heavy machinery with special diamond tools. Therefore, it is not an easy DIY project. You should hire a skilled professional who deals with polishing concrete to handle your project since professionals have expertise and know what it takes to get the best results.

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