Sheds – The Perfect Garden Storage Shed


It’s almost the end of the season for designing your garden, and tools are just lying around. Those garden whatchamacallits ought to be kept in a storage shed. Garden storage sheds are actually a mainstay in many gardens. But where is the right location for it? Some people think of a storage shed as somewhat of an eyesore in their private oasis. Thus, the shed ends up hidden away at the back, where it could eventually rot or leak and deteriorate.

However, a smart garden design incorporates a storing space shed. What actually is a garden storage shed used for, and why is it necessary? Where is the right place for it in the yard? Here are 4 practical tips:

If you’re an avid gardener frequently gardening and have a wide “playground”, it makes sense to place more pathways and paving around the structure. A central position, or near your house would be an ideal location- for convenience’ sake. To a committed amateur or professional gardener, a potting shed is basically a serious workplace. Two things determine the size and design of a garden shed- storage space and a functional work surface.

A shed simply used for storage- for a seldom- used lawn mower, or a bicycle that’s rarely taken for a jaunt- won’t get as much visits. Nor would a winter storage area for barbeque and garden furniture. No need to put paths around the structure to protect surfaces. Some new house and garden designs have limited storage, that’s why a shed is a necessity. But if the structure is seen to be an unsightly disturbance better hidden or covered with planting, it’s going to cause more of a mess in the yard.

Timber, or softwood is typically the material sheds are made of, formed into panels that are bolted together. Roofing is made of roofing felt or waterproof asphalt sheets. Small gardens are fitted with smaller sheds of 1.2m x 1.8m size- enough for a mower and a bicycle. If you’re building a bigger shed, use the roof to catch rainwater- the water butt will be useful for a potting shed.

Then there are showpiece sheds placed at the center stage, decoratively and architecturally structured. Summerhouses, in particular, can double up as a storage shed while being used as a retreat and hobby room, too. Modern sheds with decorative and architectural structures are now available, produced by one or two reputable companies. With blond wood panels, steel or aluminum detailing and sleek glazing, they often are at home in elegant city gardens.
What garden storage shed do you prefer? As ever, and in almost any endeavor, careful planning is de rigueur.

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