Jungle Flight

Where we are 

Situated at our location, Baan Nam Khong, lies a Non-tourist Khamu village at the end of the peaceful village road, which recently ended the populations isolated life. It is ensconced on one of Thailand’s 5th highest mountains, Doi Lungka. The village offers luscious rainforest views and sublime panoramic sunsets, in a climate that remains at a comfortable 18 to 28 Celsius all year round. Baan Nam Khong area is a natural and wild plant gene bank, the wildlife is abundant with many species of birds, saurian….

At over 1000 meters above sea level, this unique site is the highest location for zip wiring in the North of Thailand. Click here to plan your next tour to the Thailand.

Our Divine Tree 

An untouched ancient jungle with the magnificent Yang trees.  Education about the trees is of huge importance. Click here to read more https://www.cityoftrees.org.uk/why-trees-education-and-employment .

In ancient times, the Yang tree was consecrated the divine tree. Buddhists use its full-bodied aromatic resin to light the eternal fire for their embraced Buddha. Today these trees greatly elevate the heavenly, green forest ceiling with their millennia old solid ridge, just above our 34 ingenious platforms.

Join Jungle Flight, leap from tree to tree in the pristine lusciousness of the ancient rainforest! Let the truly fresh air liberate your lungs in this green Eutopia! Let your unfettered spirits soar! 

The Biggest & Highest Zipwire 

With Jungle Flight 34 platforms you don’t need hands to enjoy green heaven. You can have a pure 5 hours soar experience through the air on the cables, 50 meters above the ground on our 300 meter-long line, walk on our unique spiral stairway, cross 2 of our exotic sky-bridges, 570 meters suspended canopy & swing-walk, or climb down our unique scaling net as a spider man, and you can also abseil down from Jungle Flight platform which is 40 meters high above the tropical vegetative cover. All these with breathtaking, exotic views throughout your experience. 

Package A 

Round trip transfer, 22 Platforms, 2 Sky-bridges, 3 Abseil, 1 Spiral stairway, 20 minutes hike to waterfall, l Thai style lunch included, fresh fruits, drinking water, visit the hot spring, First Aid Insurance.[view map]

7 hours, 1,700 Baht

Package B 

Round trip transfer, 33 Platforms, 2 Sky-bridges, 300meters of the Longest and Highest (40-50meters) spans of cable, 4 abseil, 1 staircase, 570meters suspended canopy & swing-walk, 10 minutes hike to waterfall, With a choice of final stations, 1 Jungle picnic snack, l Thai style lunch included, fresh fruits, drinking water, visit the hot spring, First Aid Insurance.[view map]

9 hours, 2,200 Baht

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