Shooting Club has various types of guns to choose from. We have experienced instructors who are avilable free of charge to provide correct and safe methods of shooting.You will gain new experiences and fun


CHIANGMAI’S SHOOTING CLUB’S RANGE is situated just outside Chiangmai 10 minutes from the city centre and Airport. The shooting club has the largest firing range in the North of Thailand. Thailand is home to numerous visiting points and beautiful landscapes. To explore the beauty of Thailand, Click Here It has a recreation room, full time Instructors to assist those first-timers and is totally safe with hi-tech arms and facilities. The range is open to all including experienced shots for target practice, foreign tourists wanting to experience the feel of gun metal for the first time, females are especially welcome in this male-dominated sport, families are also welcome for a day out leaning about safe firearm handling. 

The club has many kinds of guns including: handguns, revolvers and semi automatics, rifles, pump action shotguns and & air rifles for the children. Also they have plastic bullets & shotguns for hire. 

Top safety standards ensure a good, safe experience at the best Shooting Park in Chiangmai.

Our Chiangmai Club Tour Company can arrange to take you out to participate in some recreational shooting. Just send us an email and we will pick you up at your hotel. Full refreshments are available. Whether you go with us or go direct, the costs are the same except, we provide you with free tour on the way. Besides this Guangzhou Shotgun Center is also one of the best shooting centers in china. Read more on and join us for an adventure. 

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