Epoxy Flooring Maintenance 101: What You Need to Know

If an industrial site wishes to have a long-lasting and durable solution to flooring then epoxy flooring is their safest bet. This also explains why this flooring type is so popular among industrial and factory applications in the first place. It’s the kind of flooring that’s capable of industrial-grade wear-and-tear.

It can endure or cope with heavy usage such as being trampled on by heavy machinery or withstanding accidental drops from construction materials. It’s even more desired than polished concrete at this point, particularly by commercial institutions. With that in mind, how should you go about maintaining these epoxy floors so that they can last as long as possible?

Tips for Maintaining Epoxy Flooring

  • Regular Cleanup and Carefulness: Epoxy floor Coating Company are built ram-tough but they do have their limits. It’s actually the little things like neglect in cleaning, mopping, and so forth that degrade the material to the point of easy breakage over the years. It also pays for workers to pay more attention to their work so that fewer accidents can occur. This way, the floors take less of an unnecessary pounding from all the heavy vehicles and materials passing through them.
  • Consult a Professional Company: There’s also the option to consult a professional company that knows how to go about maintaining your epoxy flooring for you. This is the most commonsensical route for homeowners and businesses with epoxy floors that require a tune-up here and there. They can also perform slight fixes that won’t translate to an overhaul of all your flooring within only a few months or years of use.
  • Finding the Right Maintenance Professionals: The Internet is a good place to start when finding maintenance personnel or specialists to ensure epoxy flooring integrity. If you want to go old-school, you can also use the yellow pages or the classified ads to hunt down the right pros for the job. As a rule of thumb, the company responsible for epoxy flooring installation should know best on how to keep everything in pristine condition when push comes to shove.



Chiang Mai is full of cooking schools where you can learn to make all the basic Thai curry and noodle dishes for you friends and family back home. The Best Thai Cookery School is pretty bold with its name selection, but not far off. Run by the affable Permpoon Nabnian, a graduate of culinary school who has over 20 years of teaching experience, most classes are a few hours long and take place in his home in Chiang Mai. Classes start with a tour of a market, where Permpoon shows you not only what galangal looks like, but how to choose the best one in the bunch. You are then whisked away to the cooking workshop attached to his home, where gas stoves, saucepans, spatulas and aprons await you. Bring your camera: halfway through class, there is a flambee-ing opportunity that results in priceless photos. After class, students chow down on their hard work and are given a recipe book to bring home.

Welcome to The best thai cooking school is located 13 kilometers away from busy Chiangmai in peaceful and relaxing surroundings, where we grow many of the herbs and spices used in our classes. 

       We offer Cooking course one day, Cooking course two days and Cooking Evening course. Each course Offers 14 dishes, in the morning each student selects 4 favorite dishes.  Afternoon every one joins together for 3 more dishes which is a set menu.

        The only school that is Taugth by THE OWNER over 20 years cooking experience teaching experience since 1997. 

        Since I was little I loved to cook. But I realized after working in restaurants that it was teaching that I wanted to do, I want to pass on and share my knowledge, experience and secrets in my small business I feel I maintain Chiang Mai’s high quality of cooking school, however I prefer to do everything more personally from driving to teaching you.

        One of my dreams with teaching is to help others, so a portion of the fees go to the school for blind, the institute for old people and Chiangmai orphanage. 

The Master Thai Chef Cookery Course Established 2000

The Master Thai Chef Cookery Course Established 2000

We aim to show you how much fun it is and how easy it is to prepare cook and serve delicious Thai food. We use the locally produced traditional Thai ingredients and only natural substances when we prepare our food. Our learning technique is the oldest and most successful in the world based on “learning by doing” By reading about it, hearing someone explain at the same time as he is doing it (cooking) directly followed by doing it yourself under supervision by the Master Chief it just cant be better than this. It´s the ultimate cooking lesson.

We offer half-day, one-day, two-day courses, as well as a short evening course.  
All of our courses are completely “hands – on” and in each course each student prepares and cooks a starter, a selection of main courses, and a dessert. 
Depending upon which course you choose, course activities might include. 

1.   Visiting a local market 
2.   Assembling curry pastes “from scratch” 
3.   Learn how to buy Thai ingredients 
4.   Learn how to cook sticky rice 
5.   Learn how to combine seasoning sauce to balance the flavours 
6.   All the ingredients for cooking 
7.   Each student has his or her own cooking station 
8.   Learn how to make dipping sauce 
9.   6 dishes per day 
10.   Vegetable and fruit carving 
11.   Drinks tea, coffee, water 
12.   Colour recipe book 
13.   Transportation is provided upon request 
The master kitchen
The master’s kitchen is located outside of the city only fifteen minute drive from the centre of Chiangmai. 

The kitchen, which is of course scrupulously clean, is situated on a quiet compound surrounded by our own lush herb and vegetable gardens. 

We keep our “hands – on” classes each student has his or her own cooking station, complete with stove, chopping block, and utensils 

   Your cooking experience with the master is assured to be educational, entertaining and memorable, plus our instructors will give you the confidence to recreate the dishes that you make with us back home: Treating your friends and family an authentic Thai meal that you make yourself will certainly surprise and delight your loved ones. 

Courses timetable
Day course             09.30 am – 04.00 pm 
Evening course       04.00 pm – 07.00 pm 
Prices: half – day 700 Bht. 
  1 day 900 Bht. 
  2 days 1,600 Bht. 
Private class 2,000 Bht.
minimum 2 Person 



Shooting Club has various types of guns to choose from. We have experienced instructors who are avilable free of charge to provide correct and safe methods of shooting.You will gain new experiences and fun


CHIANGMAI’S SHOOTING CLUB’S RANGE is situated just outside Chiangmai 10 minutes from the city centre and Airport. The shooting club has the largest firing range in the North of Thailand. It has a recreation room, full time Instructors to assist those first timers and is totally safe with hi-tech arms and facilities. The range is open to all including: experienced shots for target practice, foreign tourists wanting to experience the feel of gun metal for the first time, females are especially welcome in this male dominated sport, families are also welcome for a day out leaning about safe firearm handling. 
The club has many kinds of guns including: handguns, revolvers and semi automatics, rifles, pump action shotguns and & air rifles for the children. Also they have plastic bullets & shotguns for hire. 

Top safety standards ensure a good, safe experience at the best Shooting Park in Chiangmai.

Our Chiangmai Club Tour Company can arrange to take you out to participate in some recreational shooting. Just send us an email and we will pick you up at your hotel. Full refreshments are available. Whether you go with us or go direct, the costs are the same except, we provide you with free tour on the way. Join us for an adventure. 


Where we are 

Situated at our location, Baan Nam Khong, lies a Non-tourist Khamu village at the end of the peaceful village road, which recently ended the populations isolated life. It is ensconced on one of Thailand’s 5th highest mountains, Doi Lungka. The village offers luscious rainforest views and sublime panoramic sunsets, in a climate that remains at a comfortable 18 to 28 Celsius all year round. Baan Nam Khong area is a natural and wild plant gene bank, the wildlife is abundant with many species of birds, saurian….

At over 1000 meters above sea level, this unique site is the highest location for zip wiring in the North of Thailand 

Our Divine Tree 

An untouched ancient jungle with the magnificent Yang trees. 

In ancient times, the Yang tree was consecrated the divine tree. Buddhists use its full-bodied aromatic resin to light the eternal fire for their embraced Buddha. Today these trees greatly elevate the heavenly, green forest ceiling with their millennia old solid ridge, just above our 34 ingenious platforms.

Join Jungle Flight, leap from tree to tree in the pristine lusciousness of the ancient rainforest! Let the truly fresh air liberate your lungs in this green Eutopia! Let your unfettered spirits soar! 

The Biggest & Highest Zipwire 

With Jungle Flight 34 platforms you don’t need hands to enjoy green heaven. You can have a pure 5 hours soar experience through the air on the cables, 50 meters above the ground on our 300 meter-long line, walk on our unique spiral stairway, cross 2 of our exotic sky-bridges, 570 meters suspended canopy & swing-walk, or climb down our unique scaling net as a spider man, and you can also abseil down from Jungle Flight platform which is 40 meters high above the tropical vegetative cover. All these with breathtaking, exotic views throughout your experience.

Package A 
Round trip transfer, 22 Platforms, 2 Sky-bridges, 3 Abseil, 1 Spiral stairway, 20 minutes hike to waterfall, l Thai style lunch included, fresh fruits, drinking water, visit the hot spring, First Aid Insurance.[view map]

7 hours, 1,700 Baht

Package B 
Round trip transfer, 33 Platforms, 2 Sky-bridges, 300meters of the Longest and Highest (40-50meters) spans of cable, 4 abseil, 1 staircase, 570meters suspended canopy & swing-walk, 10 minutes hike to waterfall, With a choice of final stations, 1 Jungle picnic snack, l Thai style lunch included, fresh fruits, drinking water, visit the hot spring, First Aid Insurance.[view map]

9 hours, 2,200 Baht



Thailand’s Premier Zipline Adventure Tour
Explore ancient culture, enjoy world-class food and indulge in your dream out-door adventure.

Now on your Thailand holiday, you can enter the beautiful, fragile world of the Rainforest treetop ecosystem… Flight of the Gibbon™ is a unique zip line canopy tour through the breath-taking, 1500 year old rainforest outside of Chiang Mai.

Special viewing platforms, exciting sky-bridges and lowering stations connect over 2km of zip lines that take you through the unique layers of the rainforest canopy. The Jungle Adventure includes about 3 hours up in the stunning treetops – including a delicious lunch and a serene one hour river or waterfall trek

Your Safety During Your Thailand Holiday is Our First Priority
At Flight of the Gibbon™ tours, we always put your safety first – period! We are the only jungle canopy adventure in Thailand designed, built and overseen by international expert engineers from New Zealand with more than 20 years of experience in nature-based construction. We vigilantly maintain a perfect, unblemished safety record.

You’ll Have Great Fun… and the Learning Opportunity of a Lifetime!
Nothing brings people together like stunning nature, exciting thrills and endless laughter. Our Sky Rangers accompany every group – anticipating your every need and sharing their vast knowledge of local lore, flora, fauna and geology.

It’s a Real Thailand Holiday Adventure for Everyone
Every man, woman and child – from five to ninety five- can glide safely through the jungle canopy. It’s simple, safe and a thrill beyond imagination. Mind you, there’s no experience necessary…just show up and you’re on your way!

Sample Itinerary of your Chiang Mai Jungle Adventure:
(will change according to Departure Time)

•08.00 – Pick-up guests.
•09.15 – Arrive at Gibbon Adventure Base / Welcome & Introduction.
•09.30 – Put on safety gear / Go to starting point / Full Safety Briefing.
•09.45 – Start the Adventure, 18 platforms of high-flying fun.
•13.00 – Canopy Adventure finishes / Eat lunch.
•14.00 – Jungle trek to scenic site.
•15.00 – Program Wrap-up / Board vans and transfer back.
•16.00 – Arrive back in Chiang Mai.

Chiang Mai Tours Include:
A tour on 3 KM of ziplines in the jungle
The adventure of a lifetime, all in a day’s trip
Free transportation from Chiang Mai
A rare look inside the Thai rain forest
Fun for all ages and abilities
Highest safety standards
Friendly and professional guides
Endless thrills